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Pelagic Technologies offers a diverse range of marine technologies and support systems for offshore drilling operations. Our team of highly experienced professionals specialize in the design, creation and implementation of microchip and microchip controller products for oil rigs around the world, as well as doing in depth technological assessments, inspections and consultation for underwater electronical systems which can assist your companies projects reach the longevity that they require.

Pelagic technologies have designed, created, implemented and managed projects for a large number of international offshore companies, governments, and private stakeholders around the world. We take immense pride in assisting companies to increase their efficiency and safety when conducting their business, and aim to bring a smoother method to offshore drilling. Pelagic technologies strives to produce sustainable and productive chip sets to ensure the projects we work on last for as long as they are active.

With almost two decades of experience in the manufacturing and technological industry, Pelagic technologies are a dynamic and forward thinking company that combines a scientific minded approach with technical expertise and practical application. No matter how big or small the project we are working on, Pelagic Technologies always ensure that our final products meet the specifications and quality you need by paying close attention to details.

Our range of services includes:
• Scientific and Engineering Inspections
• Engineering Efficiency Consultation Services
• Environmental and Hazard Monitoring
• Occupational Diving, Underwater Construction & Repair
• Project Design & Management
• Environmental Assessments
• Marine Structure Inspections (timber, steel, concrete, etc.
• Project Design and Management
• Technological assessment and Management
• Hardware Consultation and implementation

Here at Pelagic technologies we utilize our teams vast industry knowledge and experience to bring our clients top of the range technology, this in turn allows them to execute their projects and contracts with efficiency, in a timely manner and within their budget. We aim to bring our clients the best possible service, combined with the best up to date technology that the industry has to offer.

For a more in depth look at what we can offer you, Contact us today and a member of the Pelagic team will be in touch.